More than a science and a medicine, Ayurveda.

Puro Ayurveda offers the general public the help required by patients, taking into account that it focuses on the development of the soul, body, mind and spirit, develops various teaching methods through different seminars and introductions to guide the people in its development based on Ayurvedic medicine and belief, taking into account this we must clarify that progress through the years, this medicine that began five thousand years ago in India has been implemented in parallel with the development of medicine modern, in Puro Ayurveda they promote values ​​based on the established bases of this traditional medicine, we must also know that these bases came from Ayur (life) and veda (Knowledge) that were transmitted to the rishis (Sages) and these were transmitted through from time to next generations keeping this science alive to the present day, at which point it has been taken and continues to be put into practice and continues helping people, to the point that it was already accepted by the World Health Organization

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